Chapter N, Connecticut, Adds to P.E.O.!


You Add to P.E.O. is a fun initiative within the P.E.O. Sisterhood where chapters are challenged to add two or more active members between March 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023. Chapters that meet this challenge are eligible for special recognition, including being featured on the P.E.O. blog.

Chapter N, New Canaan, Connecticut, was selected for December! As of November 30, the chapter had added 4 new members since March 1. Read below to learn more about Chapter N, Connecticut.

Organization date: October 24, 1963

What does your chapter do together for fun?

  • After each meeting, we stay for lunch, served by a rotating cast of sisters who are Iron Chef wannabes. The feasts and fellowship are a cherished tradition.
  • We have a chapter book group, BookeNds, which meets monthly to stretch our minds and expand our bookshelves.
  • Our socials become gala events, especially our Christmas event. Highlights include our usual gourmet luncheon, cookie sharing and munching, a simple gift exchange and our one big fundraiser “Stuff the Stocking.”
  • In December we also have a BIL Christmas party, complete with appetizers, wine and carols sung as we gather around the piano.
  • Members have organized subgroups to attend local plays and take field trips.

What has been your most successful fundraiser?

During the pandemic, we held a remote “Stuff the Turkey.” We drove through a church portico and put our donations in a hand-crafted paper turkey. We were masked, but the turkey wasn’t, and she gobbled down our envelopes. It was so successful and easy that we now do a “Stuff the Stocking” at our Christmas social meeting. Everyone gives what they can, and together our small donations really add up.

What is your best tip for finding new members?

When we talk to friends and women in the community, we emphasize our projects because women are eager to help other women. One of our biggest draws for new members is the success we have had in helping educate women. We actively search for nominees for our projects. In the last five years, we have had:

  • Six women receive the P.E.O. Scholar Award
  • Two women receive the P.E.O. STAR Scholarship
  • Six women receive P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education grants
  • Four women receive P.E.O. Educational Fund Loans
  • Connected with 10 International Peace Scholarship Fund recipients