At any point, you can reinstate as an active member, and it’s simple!


Reinstating your P.E.O. membership to active status can be done in one of three ways:

  1. Reinstate with your current chapter by letter or email notifying of your intent to reinstate as an active member. Include payment to your chapter of a reinstatement fee of $35. Below is an example of what you might include in your email or letter: “I’m proud to be part of P.E.O. and would like to reinstate my membership with our chapter. Please find enclosed a check for $35 for the reinstatement fee. I’ll look forward to hearing from you and re-engaging with my sisters.”
  2. Reinstate with another chapter. An invitation to transfer must be extended by the new chapter, but you are welcome and encouraged to connect and express interest. After receiving the invitation, send a letter of acceptance with a $35 reinstatement fee to the new chapter.
  3. Reinstate with your most recent chapter and then transfer to another chapter when invited. It’s not uncommon for members to move or to need a different meeting time, location or format than what’s offered by their current chapter. Follow the steps in #1 above and then connect with another chapter that meets your needs. Once that chapter has invited you to transfer, you can transfer your membership.

If interested in transferring to another chapter to reinstate, your current chapter can submit a Notice of a Member in Your Area form on your behalf or our membership department can also provide assistance. Use this form to connect with the membership department or call 515-255-3153.