Funding Grants Today for A Brighter Tomorrow

Since 1973, we've been helping women of various ages in the U.S. and Canada with need-based grants. If your education was interrupted and you need to return to school to enhance your job skills or care for your family, we're here for you!

At the heart of every success story lies a support system that believes in your potential. With a clear focus on need-based grants, the Program for Continuing Education (PCE) stands as a beacon of hope, providing a pathway for women whose educational journeys might have been put on hold.

Life's unpredictable twists and turns can sometimes disrupt educational pursuits, but that doesn't mean those dreams have to fade away. P.E.O. understands the unique challenges that women face, and we're here to say that your aspirations matter, no matter your age or circumstances.

The Program for Continuing Education can help make dreams a reality.

Be Part of the Ripple Effect

Supporting women's education has a ripple effect, positively impacting their lives, their children's lives, and the broader community. The P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education plays a vital role in empowering women and creating a brighter tomorrow.

These grants are more than just financial assistance. They symbolize the collective belief in your potential to make a positive impact on your life, your family and your community. With PCE, you're not just receiving funding, you're gaining the tools to transform your future.

We understand that supporting a woman's education has effects that extend far beyond the classroom. When we help a woman achieve her educational goals, we're also contributing to stronger families, more vibrant communities and a more inclusive society. Education is not just an individual endeavor—it's a force for change that can uplift everyone around us.

Program for Continuing Education Grant recipient Loni Heinen
Program for Continuing Education Recipient Amy Allmon
Program for Continuing Education Recipient Amy Allmon

"P.E.O. – it's a key to unlocking your future."

Watch Amy speak at the 2023 Convention of International Chapter here. 

Program for Continuing Education recipient Juanita Ramirez
Program for Continuing Education Recipient Juanita Ramirez

"I am so happy to announce I graduated recently with a Bachelors of Nursing from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Thank you! Thank you for empowering women. Thank you, P.E.O. for believing in me and providing the opportunity ...”

Program for Continuing Education recipient Reina Rauda Miranda
Program for Continuing Education Recipient Reina Rauda Miranda

“Thank you, P.E.O. Sisters, for the many inspiring notes/emails and generous gift cards I received. Everything was truly welcomed and very much needed. … THANK YOU for making this possible and for helping me make my dream of being a Registered Nurse come true.”

Make a Meaningful Impact

With Named and Endowed Grants, individuals, families and chapters can make special gifts to support the P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education. These grants can be named in honor or memory of someone special.

Individual Named Grants – provide a one-time grant to a student from an individual.

Named Grant Chapters – provide a one-time grant to a student from a chapter or group of chapters. PCE Named Grants funded exclusively through chapter donations received during the local fiscal year (March 1 through February 28/29) will receive special recognition at s/p/d conventions.

*As of February 14, 2024, the amount needed to be designated as a PCE Named Grant is $4,000.

Endowed Named Grants – PCE Endowed Named Grants are generated by special funds held in the P.E.O. Foundation. The principle for each PCE designated endowed fund provides the interest for the funding of the grant.

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PCE Policy Guidelines & Procedures

Read the policies and procedures that guide our decision-making when choosing qualified candidates for the PCE need-based grant.

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