ELF recipient Keanna Gross-speaking at the 2023 convention-

Experience the Power of a Supportive Community

The P.E.O. Education Loan Fund (ELF) makes loans available to qualified women who desire a higher education and are in need of financial assistance.

ELF Facts:

  • Applicants are recommended by a local chapter of the P.E.O. Sisterhood
  • Women in a wide variety of programs and degrees are eligible
  • 2 percent interest rate
  • No origination fee

Unlocking Dreams: The Power of ELF

Access to quality education has the power to shape destinies. The P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund stands as a guiding light of opportunity, offering low-interest rate loans to qualified women, paving the way for brighter futures.

At just 2%, the ELF loan offers a competitive rate and creates a pathway for education that doesn’t lead to insurmountable debt. With no interest accumulating and no payment due until after graduation, women can focus on their studies.

More than Just Money

The ELF program empowers women to succeed. If you meet all the qualifications, chances are favorable that you will be approved and supported throughout your academic journey. And by repaying the loan, you help other women pursue their educational dreams.

ELF also accommodates each recipient’s unique needs. From associate and bachelor degree programs, technical or professional training and post-graduate certifications to master’s and doctoral degree pursuits, ELF provides essential financial support.

Imagine the impact on a woman's life. With the weight of financial worries lifted, she can focus on expanding her horizons, honing her skills and achieving her goals.

Every loan granted is an acknowledgment that, given the right support, a woman can transcend obstacles and reach new heights. With the P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund, education transforms from a distant dream to a tangible reality. It's a testament to the Sisterhood's unwavering commitment to education and a world where every woman's potential is realized.

Keanna Gross headshot
P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund recipient Keanna Gross

“The P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund provided me the opportunity to choose clinical rotations that expanded my depth of knowledge to be a better resource for my rural community.”

Watch Keanna speak at the 2023 Convention of International Chapter.

Ali singer headshot
Educational Loan Fund recipient Ali Singer

“I was SO grateful for the option of utilizing the P.E.O. loan fund for the second time. Not only do I know that the interest paid on my loan will help support other women seeking higher education, but I also am put at ease with the repayment process.”

Annie Meyer headshot
Educational Loan Fund recipient Annie Meyer

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore this work and for the support of P.E.O. along the way.”

Woman graduating, smiling while holding her diploma

Investing in the Future

The Educational Loan Fund makes loans available to qualified women who desire a higher education and are in need of financial assistance. Applicants only need one cosigner and the sponsoring chapter will eagerly offer support and guidance during every step of the process.

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