You Add to P.E.O. is a fun initiative within the P.E.O. Sisterhood where chapters are challenged to add two or more active members by February 28, 2025. Chapters that meet this initiative are eligible for special recognition, including being featured on the P.E.O. website.

Chapter BX, Billings, Montana, was selected for June! As of June 11, the chapter had added 2 new members since the beginning of the initiative. Read below to learn more about the chapter.

What does your chapter do for fun?

We get together and do things. We were selected to decorate a tree at the Moss Mansion and had fun making decorations, decorating the tree and taking it down. This also ended up being a great way to advertise P.E.O. to the community. We get together for coffee and catch up with each other. We have tried to incorporate meetings that included restaurants, brewery tours and celebrations in our homes. We have had socials like pool parties and barbecues. We have celebrated Christmas together with different games. We try to include programs that brings fun and energy to the meetings.

What has been your most successful fundraiser?

We play Bunko in one of our members backyards that is like a park. We charge each person $20 to participate. It is always a great way to invite guests. We have recently been selected to participate in a BINGO game at a local establishment called the High Horse Saloon where the locals attend regularly, so we are able to again advertise P.E.O. to the community and raise funds from them as well as our chapter sisters.

What is your best tip for finding new members?

Relationships. Always be recruiting. Talk about P.E.O. often.