Chapter N, Alberta, Adds to P.E.O.!


You Add to P.E.O. is a fun initiative within the P.E.O. Sisterhood where chapters are challenged to add two or more active members between March 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023. Chapters that meet this challenge are eligible for special recognition, including being featured on the P.E.O. blog.

Chapter N, Calgary, Alberta, was selected for October! As of October 14, the chapter had added 2 new members since March 1. Read below to learn more about Chapter N, Alberta.

Organization date: January 25, 1986

What does your chapter do together for fun?

With the end of restrictions due to COVID, we have really enjoyed being together to share a meal, go on a walk, have coffee and visit. We will be co-hosting next year's provincial convention and look forward to working together on many different projects. 

What has been your most successful fundraiser? 

We have had successful silent auctions that feature the talents of our sisters – cooking, artwork, quilted table runners and other seasonal items.

Our recent favourite (before COVID) was a country roast beef dinner held on a sister's farm in rural Alberta. We also have a paint night planned for this fall.

What is your best tip for finding new members? 

Our best tips come from friends and family who already have an understanding of P.E.O. and our goals. We have learned to open our arms wide and offer the gift of P.E.O.