Chapter DZ, Arizona, Adds to P.E.O.!


You Add to P.E.O. is a fun initiative within the P.E.O. Sisterhood where chapters are challenged to add two or more active members between March 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023. Chapters that meet this challenge are eligible for special recognition, including being featured on the P.E.O. blog.

Chapter DZ, Fountain Hills, Arizona, was selected for September! As of September 15, the chapter had added 7 new members since March 1. Read below to learn more about Chapter DZ, Arizona.

Organization date: January 15, 1994

What does your chapter do together for fun?

Our chapter has always enjoyed socializing. We presently have an open coffee gathering on the first Monday of the month. It is purely social, and any sister can drop in at the local coffee house for a quick cup of coffee or linger longer to catch up with fellow sisters. This was so popular we added “wine time” on the third Tuesday night at a local wine bar with the same format.

Our chapter social events are another way we gather and raise funds at the same time.
We have taken a boat ride with BILS and guests, had a brunch and are currently planning a car rally.
Our major fundraiser allows our sisters to work together but also enjoy the bonding that those activities provide.

What has been your most successful fundraiser?

By far our most successful fundraiser to date was our luncheon and fashion show, which was held last spring with 180 ladies in attendance. There were over 50 baskets to bid on as well as a golden ticket item which was highly sought after.

Our own sisters were the models, which was a huge hit with the mostly local crowd. Although the end result was great financial gain, the byproduct was a wonderful coordination of the skills of our sisters. Everyone felt proud and was invested in the success of the event.

What is your best tip for finding new members?

We have found our new members have come from word of mouth from our present members. We have had a very high profile in the last year or so. Many women have observed that we are a talented, intelligent and fun group of ladies. The bond of our Sisterhood is evident.

It is also very attractive to many of our new members that our focus is on philanthropy directed toward women's education.