You Add to P.E.O. is a fun initiative within the P.E.O. Sisterhood where chapters are challenged to add two or more active members. Chapters that meet this initiative are eligible for special recognition, including being featured on the P.E.O. website.

Chapter AE, Farmington, Illinois, was selected for August! As of July 31, the chapter had added 5 new members since March 1, 2022. Read below to learn more about Chapter AE, Farmington, Illinois.

What does your chapter do for fun?

We have had soicals like wienie roasts, a visit to winery, small group gatherings of various activities, chapter member programs and brief Sister Spotlights during meetings. 

What has been your most successful fundraiser?

An auction at Christmas time.

What is your best tip for finding new members?

Two of our three new members are neighbors with several sisters. The other new sister is on a local board with a few sisters. Our tip is to look in your own backyard, people you have frequent contact with.