The hard work and financial contributions by the members of our dedicated local chapters provide incredible benefits for our projects and recipients. By working together, the following results have been achieved:

P.E.O. has given over $432 million in financial assistance through ELF, IPS, PCE, PSA and STAR projects to more than 125,000 women.

  • P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund loans total $249.8 million. 51,625 women have received loans since 1907.

  • P.E.O. International Peace Scholarships total $49.8 million. 7,122 women have received scholarships since 1949.

  • P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education grants total $74 million. 54,587 women have received grants since 1973.

  • P.E.O. Scholar Awards total $36.7 million. 2,935 women have received awards since 1991.

  • P.E.O. STAR Scholarships total $21.8 million. 8,794 women have received scholarships since 2009.

  • In addition, P.E.O. has owned and supported Cottey College since 1927. Cottey is an independent liberal arts and sciences women’s college that develops leadership qualities and a global perspective within its students throughout their academic and co-curricular experiences. In 2023-24, 99% of Cottey’s students were enrolled in a four-year program, and 36 percent of 2023 graduates left Cottey with no debt. Cottey College and P.E.O., together, are Creators of Incredible Futures!

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