Active vs Inactive Membership

Once a member, always a member. Paying annual dues keeps your membership status as active. Your dues are also what connects you directly to the extraordinary philanthropy that advances women around the globe. Click the video below to hear from Maggie Lindley, a recipient of the P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education grant.

When you miss the deadline or decline to pay dues, you then become an inactive member. You’re still a member, but your active member benefits go away and our philanthropy misses out on your charity. One of the primary reasons a member may choose inactive status is because they are unable to attend the chapter meetings. While involvement at meetings is valued, know that by just paying your membership dues, you are still considered an active member, even if you’re unable to participate in meetings! And, you can enjoy that feeling of knowing your dues are making a difference in the lives of women everywhere.

How to Reinstate

At any point, you can reinstate as an active member, and it’s simple!

Reinstating your P.E.O. membership to active status can be done in one of three ways:

  1. Reinstate with your most recent chapter by letter or email regarding your intent to reinstate as an active member and provide your chapter with a reinstatement fee of $35. Below is an example of what you might include in your email or letter, and you can add your own personal touch:

I’m proud to be part of P.E.O. and would like to reinstate my membership with our chapter. Please find enclosed a check for $35 for the reinstatement fee. I’ll look forward to hearing from you and re-engaging with my sisters.

  1. Reinstate with another chapter. An invitation to transfer must be extended by the new chapter, but you are welcome and encouraged to connect and express interest. After receiving the invitation, send a letter of acceptance with a $35 reinstatement fee to the new chapter. Visit the map below to find chapters that meet near you.
  2. Reinstate with your most recent chapter and then transfer to another chapter when invited.

It’s not uncommon for members to move or to need a different meeting time or location than what’s offered at their current chapter.

  • If interested in transferring to another chapter to reinstate, use the map below to locate chapters in your area. 
  • Our membership department can also provide assistance. Use this form to connect with the department or call 515-255-3153. 

You are the Heart of P.E.O.

You are welcome back as an active member when the time is right for you. This short video celebrates the contributions of our members and effect of our sisterhood. Take a moment to enjoy.