P.E.O. Interest Form for Project Applicants and Recipients

Project recipients at the 2015 Convention of International Chapter

Thank you for your interest in P.E.O.!

P.E.O. is an organization of “women helping women reach for the stars” which provides leadership and fellowship for its members. As an applicant for one of our educational awards, you’ve likely experienced the love and support our members provide and are curious about membership in our Sisterhood. We would be happy to let P.E.O. chapters in your community know you’re interested in learning more about P.E.O.

P.E.O. chapters are comprised of small groups of 20-60 female friends who meet regularly in each other’s homes to develop a strong support system and raise money for the P.E.O. philanthropies. Because fellowship among its members is an essential part of our organization, each local chapter determines whom they will consider for membership. P.E.O. members take great pride in the philanthropic work we do to support women’s education as well as the supportive network we provide for each other in chapter life. As women, we celebrate your accomplishments and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.