Martha Culbertson and Rebecca Farnbach, FE, Murrieta, California,  wrote “Flavors of the Temecula Valley Wineries.” This cookbook is a lifetime in the making and stands as a tribute to the lovers of food and wine and the dedication and sacrifice of the pioneers who came to work the soil and invest funds to make Temecula one of the top ten wine destinations in the world. With over 60 years of combined experience in Southern California’s Temecula Valley, food and wine pioneer, Martha Culbertson and beloved historian Rebecca Farnbach invite you on a journey to one of theTop Ten Wine Destinations in the world and encourage you to indulge in its rich “Flavors” only made more bold and bright by the warm sun and arid soil. Many of the recipes in this book have been in Martha’s repertoire for decades and are as diverse as the worldly travels that inspired them. The wine pairings are equally varied and as unique as the wineries, winery owners and wine makers themselves.


Ann Higgens, HP, Bloomington, Illinois, wrote “Santa’s Christmas Surprise.” Santa gets a big surprise on Christmas Eve.






Lisa Schnedler, M, Dodgeville, Wisconsin, wrote “Bentonsport: A New Chapter.” What if you followed your heart—not across distance but across time?Sarah Peterson never knew how far she would go for love until Thomas Barton walked into her life, they fell in love, and he asked her to join him in his world—one hundred fifty years back in time. More afraid of losing him than of leaving everything behind, she put her future in God’s hands and awakened in the past. Now, she’s facing a world she’s only dreamed of, and reality is nothing like her dreams. Thomas Barton never imagined he’d meet a woman like his beloved Sara. Leaving her behind was the hardest thing he’d ever done. When he discovers she’s followed him across time, he’s ready to spend his life making her decision worthwhile. His friends come up with a plan to convince Bentonsport she’s part of their era, but it’s going to take another miracle to pull this off. Love was enough to carry them through a hundred and fifty years. Will it be enough to get them through the next weeks and months?


Elaine M. Matheson, HQ, Kennewick, Washington, wrote “The Barnyard Zoo.” The owl says hoo and the cow says moo, welcome one and all to the barnyard zoo! Everything is fine until a ghost comes to town and tries to scare everyone away. Can you guess what will happen next? This is a lively read-aloud tale for your favorite toddler. This is a story of inclusion. All proceeds of Elaine’s book are going to Sandy Hook Promise.


Sammi Maier King, EA, Batavia, Illinois wrote “Mom’s Time Out: Humorous and heartfelt stories from the home front.” This book is a collection of hilarious and heartwarming newspaper columns that chronicle the ups and downs of raising young children. Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned pro, you’ll find reassurance and joy in these pages. So take a break, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy some much-needed Mom’s Time Out!



Nancy A. Demin, O, Middletown, Delaware, wrote “The Guardian: A Teen’s Journey to Excellence.”What would it be like to have a guardian guiding you through some of your most traumatic experiences? George Gray, a recent transplant, finds himself in such a situation. Beginning a new school year in a new town three thousand miles away from the home he has always known is daunting. When he has difficulty fitting in, it becomes unbearable. Add to that the ultimate battle of bullying, which he receives in full measure by the school’s resident bully, it feels totally hopeless. When a gift of a magical book, Dreams Made Reality: A Journey of Tough Love, is given to George, his world turns unexpectedly into a life of surprising challenges, ones that George must complete. The author is the Guardian, who directs George to choose five goals to accomplish with the Guardian’s guidance. Sometimes moments spent with this mythical book are tough love, and other times they are served with compassion and gentleness. It all depends on George’s choices made, knowing consequences will come one way or another. Through it all, George grows into a fine young man and discovers a future that is promising. Come join his adventures, and learn along with him how to address possible problems that you may be experiencing as well. The Guardian knows all things, so maybe we all should listen. As he is used to saying often, “The Guardian has spoken.”

Emily Hurt, HN, Wichita, Kansas, 
wrote “Dolly’s Kitty Goes Missing.”“Dolly’s Kitty Goes Missing” is an adventure around the doll house, as Dolly goes searching for her mischievous cat who hides in every picture for the reader to find.





Robyn Wilson, FW, Naples, Florida, wrote “American Mah Jongg 2023 The Analysis: A New Winning Strategy for All Players.” The book will be updated each year to correspond to the National Mah Jongg League’s official card. Would you like to be a better player and win more often? Would you like to know what hands your opponents are playing? This book will teach you how to do both.
The Analysis is a new winning strategy for all players but especially for those who are advanced. The Analysis groupings are based on the number of like tiles in a suit, whether the tiles are in the same suit or different suits, and whether the numbers are the same, touching each other, or skipping one another. The first goal for any game should be to have fun. The second is to win. The third is to keep your opponents from winning. All three goals are achievable by learning The Analysis. I wish you great enjoyment, increased strategic skills, and many Jokers!


Marguerite Martin Gray, D, Arcadia, Louisiana, wrote “Room for Love.” When Amy Lee’s son heads off to college, the bed and breakfast owner finds life even lonelier and emptier than she had after losing her husband. She needs something to occupy her mind and heart while she reinvents her life again. What more could she ask for than an after-school program for local children and a renewed interest in painting? Then the arrival of a professor of archeology shakes her world and makes her yearn for the way things were only a few short months ago. Still grieving the loss of his beloved wife, and ignoring the warnings and protests of his grown children, Professor Walker Standish escapes on a six-month sabbatical. His heart, barely beating these past months, jerks to life again when he finds more than a room at a B & B.


Carla Ketner, CC, Seward, Nebraska, wrote the children’s book “Ted Kooser: More than a Local Wonder.” Long before Ted Kooser won a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, served as the U.S. Poet Laureate, and wrote award-winning books for children, he was an unathletic child growing up in Iowa, yearning to fit in. Young Teddy found solace in stories, and one specific book, Robert McCloskey’s Lentil, inspired him to become a writer. As a child and later, while working in the insurance industry, Ted honed his craft and unique style as he wrote about the people and places of the rural Midwest.

Mary Knight, ET, Middleton, Wisconsin, wrote “Snow and Sonnets: A Christmas Romance.”Staging a high school Shakespeare performance seems like a nightmare for Ross, the new English teacher. In this sleepy New England town, Ross runs up against tight budgets, sassy students, and teachers who can’t wait to see him fail. It’s gloom and doom on the snowy streets until Ross meets his co-director, Emily. Suddenly the play might be a chance for something more than sonnets, if only Ross can find out how to catch Emily’s eye. Dive into this sweet holiday-themed romance, with lovable, fun characters in an idyllic snow small town. Snow and Sonnets will bring a smile to anyone who’s ever seen a children’s play, and a warm glow to the hearts of those who found each other under the softly falling snow.

Elsie Younce, EP, Albany, Oregon, wrote “GLO Workbooks Great Learning Opportunity.” This is a learning opportunity workbook designed for young readers to engage in enriching activities surrounding literature. This features several novels, some of which have won Newbery and Caldecott awards.



Nancy Tavares, F, Burlington, Vermont, wrote “Chicken Coop Chaos.”Chicken Coop Chaos” is a fun, read-aloud the whole family will love. A story about patience, accepting others, and living with our differences, this book is perfect for kids ages 4-7 and chicken enthusiasts everywhere.




Lo Anne Mayer, AL, Toms River, New Jersey, wrote “Treasures in Grief: Discover 7 Spiritual Gifts Hidden in Your Pain.” The book focuses on how our souls can grow as we walk the path of grief, how we are given more courage and compassion and how we can find deeper faith and spiritual expansion because of our grief. Forgiveness leads to unconditional love and a discovery of our mission.




Sharon Murphy, QP, Ojai, California
, wrote “Interesting Women of the Bible.” The book takes readers on an in-depth look at the women of the New Testament. This weekly study contains ten lessons each divided into seven days of reading. For the first six days, readers are given applicable scripture verses and asked to answer questions from the scripture readings. In addition, discussion questions are intended to help them understand and reflect on their readings. The seventh day is reserved for prayer and contemplation on what they have gleaned from their study.


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