APRIL OF 2024 MARKS 20 YEARS since I wrote my address to California State Chapter upon being installed as president—and what was to become known as “An O and A Woman.” So the time seemed right to look back over what I wrote then and see how it felt 20 years later. And…it still feels right! Our Objects and Aims (O and A) are still relevant and tremendously important.

I believe what draws a woman to P.E.O. is her close association with a woman who is living the beauty of an “O and A” life…. someone who is choosing to love others and show them the qualities of Faith, Love, Purity, Justice and Truth.

A P.E.O. is beautiful in the way she continues to learn from nature, art, books and society; the radiance of light shows in what she says, what she writes and the exercise of her talents. There is beauty in self-control, balance and authenticity of character as well as in self-restraint in opinions, speech and habits. Beautiful is showing a careful consideration for others’ feelings when speaking and sheer determination to express loving concern for others. THAT is what draws a woman to our Sisterhood.

I still believe that living and working toward our Objects and Aims is the magnet that draws women to P.E.O. My hope is that our Sisterhood focuses first on what it truly means when we say “I am a P.E.O.,” for we are known by how we live and relate to others. And that is the most valuable asset that P.E.O. has!

Here is my original article from the May-June 2005 issue of The P.E.O. Record. https://online.flippingbook.com/view/1007243456/



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Karen Blair, Past President, California State Chapter


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